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Top Challenges in Software Application Development


When introducing software systems to your company there are some key things to keep in mind. Software application development is a complex process that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only is it vital to have more than a basic understanding of computing processes, but anyone solving programming problems should be able to think analytically and have the ability to troubleshoot.

Software Systems Are Intangible and Complex

Whether you’re creating a software system of your own or using one that has already been created, it’s important to understand that the system is going to be intangible and complex. Most professionals across the world design and develop the software conceptually which makes it abstract and difficult to grasp immediately. There will likely be a learning curve in either creating the software or in learning how to navigate it once it has been installed and customized to fit your needs. In fact, you may not even be able to customize the software until you’ve learned to navigate the bare essentials of the software.

Don’t let this complexity overwhelm you, especially if you’re using purchased software. There’s a good chance the company that created the software also created resource materials to go along with it that will help you overcome the learning curve. If you’re creating software of your own, it would be prudent to create resource materials so you and others can become experts in using the software.

Interaction With Other Systems

Whether you’re using your own company’s software or that of another company, you’ll want to make sure the software will interact well with any other systems you might have in place. If you’re developing your own software systems, it will be much easier to implement interaction with other systems you already have in place. You can simply write that interaction into the code of the software. When using software from other companies, you may need to teach the software to interact with the other systems.

Once you figure out how to get the software to interact appropriately with the other systems, write those processes down so that they can be used in the future if the software gets updated. This is where training and testing will also play a role.

Changes In Software Requirements and Designs

Keeping up with changes in software requirements and designs is one of the most common problems you will face, particularly when you’re developing your own software. You’ll want to keep team members and other end users updated on any changes in usage and design that you make to the software. Developing software is not a static endeavor; rather, software should be updated consistently. Implement a plan for letting users know about updates to the software and how those changes might affect the design and usage of the software.

Is Your Software Application User-Friendly?

When creating software, it’s important to make sure it’s user-friendly. Don’t make it any more complex than it needs to be. Provide both end users and your team with the resources they need to learn how to use it optimally.

Do You Have The Right People To Do It?

programming problems software developmentWhen developing software of your own, be sure you have the right people to do it. Look for people who have a strong understanding of basic computing and software, but who are also willing to learn any new skills necessary for creating the software. If someone on your team is interested in getting their feet wet in the software development realm, invite them to join the team as an observer.

Let them know up front they might not be able to get hands-on with software development this time around, but be open to the fact that they’re willing to learn new skills. By observing the other developers, they can see where their strengths might lie and work on those, either through company supported training or on their own time. It says a lot about an employee who is willing to step up and learn new skills to stay sharp on the job.

If you don’t have the right employees for a particular software development application, then outsourcing your software development to the right software development company can be an effective and relatively inexpensive solution.

Don’t feel too overwhelmed by software development. While there is a definite learning curve, there are plenty of resources available to help you achieve success in that aspect of your business.

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