Transform your
Business with Data

From predicting consumer demand, modelling voting behaviour to supporting Doctors in early diagnosis of deaseas; millions of businesses and government departments rely on Big Data to succeed and better serve their customers.

A Collaborative Approach

Creating Artificial Intelligence, requires processing large volumes of data, which demands vast computing power and technical mastery. Our strategic parternship with FAMAF (Faculty of Math, Astronomy, Physics and Computing) gives us acess to a state-of-the-art data center and an unparallaled pool of talent.

  • Collaboration between Public and Private Organizations
  • Data Scientists, Mathematicians, Physics, Statisticians
  • Software Engineers & Architects, Application Architects, Data Analysts

The Challenges behind Data Science

Researching Machine Learning Systems

Effective collaboration between field experts

Costs associated to Data Exploration and Mining

Training Models which is Resource intensive

Integration of Multiple Systems between each other

Turning Models into Commercially viable Solutions

How we do it?

1. Identifying your data sources

It could be your analytics, the sales pipeline in your CRM or even third party systems

2. Data Integrity Evaluation

We evaluate the integrity of data to reduce ambiguity

3. Recognition & Modelling

We recognize trends and patterns to create data models

4. Automation

Define which processes and systems can be automated

5. Solution

Develop new solutions to deliver more value to customers & stakeholders