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Hernan Senki, one of our Front-End Developers, began archery 1 year ago. One of his close friends was practicing it and invited him to a practice. After a while he was hooked.

  • When did you start practicing archery?

I started with Traditional Archery 1 year ago. (There are differents types of Archery depending on the bow and the technique, Compound Bows, Olympic Recurve bows, and Traditional Bows)

In Traditional Archery we use bows made of wood and some fiberglass that lacks of sights, arrow rest and stabilizers, it’s the most Instinctive and natural way to aim. You aim as if you were shooting a Slingshot.

  • How are practices like?

We shoot on Saturday mornings, our practices are kind of informal. We do a short warm-up to avoid injuries and then we start shooting 6 arrow rounds at 20-, 30-, and 40-yard targets. Sometimes we have some kind of small tournament amongst ourselves, or something like small games. There are 2 or 3 more experienced Archers that teach us and help us to improve our shooting.

  • What abilities do you need to be good at archery?

You need to focus, be patient and consistent. You need to repeat each step of the shooting process in the same way every time in order to gain accuracy.

  • Are there competitions? Do you compete?

Yes there are competitions and Tournaments, there is an Archery Federation that has a National Ranking of Archers. I don’t compete yet.. But I’m planning to attend at least one tournament in 2017.

  • Why would you recommend practicing archery?

I would recommend it because it’s a good way to improve your patience, it helps you to fight the stress. While you are at the range the only thing you have on your mind is archery. It also improves your core muscles and your posture because as you use your back muscles to draw your bow, you make your back muscles stronger.