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My Time of the Day: Zumba Class


Our new team member, Vicky Peralta Lugones, tells us about the space she gives in her schedule to practice one of her favorite things: Zumba.

How did you get interested in practicing Zumba?

I always knew I had to exercise. I tried everything in the past: running, walking, spinning, bodybuilding, aerobics, you name it I did it! Unfortunately, everything I tried bored me. I wasn’t motivated so I got bored, gave up, and spent months without exercising because I could not find anything that I liked and made me feel good. Then, I started hearing about Zumba. Mainly on social media, I saw some videos about it, and I also saw that I could exercise while dancing. Did I mention I love to dance? So imagine my feelings!

I went to a gym, to have an introductory class to know if I liked it, and I immediately fell in love with Zumba. Immediately after that class I signed up the very same day to continue with classes on a daily basis. I’m currently attending fewer days as my schedule is quite busy, but I make time for it on a regular basis.

What does it mean for you to practice Zumba?

For me, it is my time of the day. It’s the moment that allows me to exercise, along with having fun and laughing. It’s my time to release the stress of the day and relax. If I have to be honest, there are some days I’m tired because I worked all day or some other stuff you do during the day. Those days I feel like I ’d rather stay at home watching Netflix. Then I remember Zumba always makes me feel better, makes me feel good with myself, my body, and the best is that it improves my mood a lot. I always leave the gym with a smile on my face, so I guess Zumba means bye bye stress, hello good mood!

Have you thought about doing a certification in Zumba?

Well, I’ve thought about it, but I actually feel better following instructions than giving them — at least on this topic! To be a Zumba instructor you have to be full of energy all the time, transmit that energy to others in the classroom, know how to motivate the rest of the group, prepare your classes, choose the right songs, practice the choreography, and of course, remember the full choreography of all the songs. It doesn’t look good when the teacher forgets the steps, and to be honest, I don’t feel qualified for that. It would be unprofessional to give classes without the required training and to do it you need time which I don’t have right now, so I prefer to participate as a student.

How do you manage your work, family and your hobby for Zumba?

I handle it very well! Zumba’s schedule is from 7 pm to 8 pm. I leave work at 5 pm, so I have enough time to get home, have a snack and then go to Zumba class. Luckily, It does not interfere with my work schedule.

Regarding my family, they already know that Zumba is my time of the day. They understand completely, in fact, they love that I can go because they know it’s good for me and they can see it also. As I come home around 8:10 pm, I still have time to be with them, make dinner, and have some dinner with them all together.

Do you have a special schedule for your classes? or how many days a week do you practice Zumba?

I usually go on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7pm to 8pm. Although, sometimes I can change for a day on Wednesday in case my schedule has a conflict.

What would you recommend to those people who still do not feel encouraged to practice Zumba?

Definitely go for it! At first, it can be a bit intimidating or embarrassing. Mainly because there are people who are more advanced than you are.  Don’t let this stop you! You’ll catch up with them eventually. If you are the kind of person who loves to dance, laugh, or just have fun, Zumba is ideal for you. You never get bored! Just go ahead, find the gym and the teacher you feel comfortable with and give Zumba a chance. You won’t regret it!