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Making Room for New Passions:&nbspPhotography


We talked with Florencia Cabello and Hernan Senki about their love for photography.

How long ago did you start doing&nbspphotography?

Florencia: I’ve always liked it, but last year I bought a reflex camera, and whenever I can I go out and take some pictures. This year, I would like to take a camera management class, since the road is long! I’ve only just started and there is a lot to&nbsplearn.

Hernan: I started with photography almost 10 years ago while I was studying Multimedia Design in college. In 2012, I bought my DSLR Camera.

How was your interest in photography born?

F: I’ve always liked it, but just recently decided to give it more focus this last&nbspyear.

H: I don’t know exactly. I remember my first camera from when I was 7 years old. It was a small, cheap camera, but then my interest grew when I took some photography classes at the university.

What do you like most about&nbspphotography?

F: I think the fact that when I’m taking pictures I focus 100% on that and I forget the rest of the world. It’s a stress-relieving activity from my point of&nbspview.

H:  I like the possibility of capturing something – an idea, an expression, a moment – that can last forever. Also, the possibility of creating something out of nothing, and playing with the light and shadows is fun to me.

What types of images do you like to take?

F: Usually pictures of nature – birds, plants, insects and landscapes in general, and many MANY sunsets.

H: I like to take pictures of rock bands, also some urban landscapes, nature, and portraits, but I haven’t taken too many portraits. You can check out some of my pictures on my&nbsp(outdated) Flickr page