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Flight Dispatcher, The Pilot On The Ground


Our team member, Lucia Zambelli, tells us a little bit about her future as a Flight Dispatcher. She told us how much courage is needed in deciding to pursue this marvelous occupation and become the second set of eyes for the pilots.

What is a flight dispatcher?

Flight dispatchers act as a second set of eyes for the pilots, to accurately evaluate the weather and other factors impacting a flight.
Someone willing to say “no” when everyone else says “yes” allowing a plane to take flight.  Both the dispatcher and the captain must agree that a flight is safe, and if either has an objection or a genuine safety issue, the crew and dispatcher must rectify each other’s concerns before the aircraft can legally depart.

Why did you decide to pursue this career?

I’ve always been passionate about aviation and the sky. I found it possible in this profession to integrate my passions with my abilities.

How do you handle all the pressure of being responsible for a flight?

Flight dispatchers must withstand stress very well and have high emotional intelligence; they must be able to communicate well with flight crews as well as other airline employees. A good flight dispatcher is extremely detail oriented and feels comfortable with math, various structured tasks and quickly juggling simultaneous schedules. Because of this, flight dispatchers must be responsible and decisive, all the while maintaining receptivity to corrections and new information.

What do you like or love most in this career?

I really like life at the airport because you know when you go to work, but you never know when you finish working. Every day you have to face new challenges. Every time I hear the roar of a turbine, a smile is drawn on my face.

As this career cannot be practiced in theory only, how do you get to experience or practice instead?

Fortunately, I have many pilot friends who share their flight information with me each time they fly. So, in that way, I can do the analysis and the dispatch and compare it with the analysis of the official dispatches.

How do you imagine your first day will be as an authorized flight dispatcher?

It will be epic. I look forward to that day, although I know it is still far away. It takes a long time to train for this profession, and the first day on the job, I will surely feel many emotions like fear and happiness, but above all, I will feel proud.