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Our Santex Employees Axel, Nicolas, and Gonzalo, share with us about the community of Rosario. They tell us a little bit about the plans for growing the Community in this beautiful city.

Axel Antunez

How were the after office gatherings originally initiated?

It all started very informally, and it came out of ourselves. When we found out who we were working from Rosario, we decided to contact each other and organize an after office get together. The three of us joined to simply have a few beers in a downtown bar. We had a really great time and decided to repeat it.

Later, in a formal Santex meeting, we discussed the issue of integrating remote employees.  In this conversation, Santex proposed that the meetings of the community of Rosario should be encouraged by the company. From the side of Santex, they were polishing details to give shape to the initiative. It was agreed that a budget would be allocated to do a coworking day in a selected location and an after office get together.

For the formal opening of the proposal, Celeste and Franco traveled from C√≥rdoba; we got together in a coworking office, and then, of course, we had an after office.

How often does this take place?

In the beginning, we agreed that the frequency would be according to the need itself. At the moment, we are meeting once a month.

What are the future expectations?

Ideally, we hope that the number of employees will grow; meanwhile, we are three for now. We are confident that we will increase in quantity. From the side of Santex, the growth of the community in Rosario is part of the objectives. There are indeed company incentives in mind for this to happen.

Nicolas Bravo

With what other projects you think to grow the community of Rosario?

We were thinking at the end of last year in what way we could contribute to the growth of the community in Rosario. We found out that the Latin American Agility Sessions are situating in Rosario. We started to communicate with them and try to have Santex involved in some way.

We are in initial talks, but the idea is for to Santex be present and participate. In this way, it might allow Santex to contribute and become publicized in Rosario.  And why not also with the Agile community, as it has been doing already.

In addition to these specific issues, we would like to continue growing by contributing to the community of Rosario. Not only in the technical aspects but also improving the quality of remote work, sharing common problems of the different accounts and projects.

Gonzalo Fernandez

How did the idea of liaison with the Universidad Tecnol√≥gica Nacional arise?

In one of the first opportunities in which we gathered in Rosario, Celeste came to talk with different Universities. As a graduate of the UTN, in the career of Information Systems Engineering, I proposed that I could get in touch with the people of the university to see if any talk could be carried out. With this, It will allow us to discuss various topics that may be the interest of the students; and will help to publicize the company. Later in March, we got several contacts, and it is progressing favorably.