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Becoming a Self-Taught Mechanic


Our team member Kenjy, enjoys working on cars. Here he tells us some things about his hobby.

How was the taste for automotive mechanics born?

I’ve always liked to see how things work out, it seems something mesmerizing to know how things work. Since I was a child, I loved to disassemble things to see what they had inside. I could not always reassemble them and when I did it, I did not always use all the pieces. When I finally had a car, It was the “maximum toy” because is very interesting to know how it works and how all the pieces harmonize with each other to be able to work, and also because I was always passionate about cars.

What do you usually do in cars?

I love that everything works properly and try new things, in a certain way to experiment. I have done several things in the limited of my experience and knowledge of mechanics that has been based on the same maintenance of the car, oil change, repair of air conditioning, electrical wiring, change of seats, modification of the interior panel, modification of the interior, brake maintenance, change of the cooling system, tuning, maintenance of the acceleration body, change of the lighting system; among other things. I know, it may sound boring and for many people, it is more a “job” or it is something that would leave someone else to do it or is what they usually do in any workshop, but for me, it is a hobby that relaxes me. I don’t know how to describe it, it just changes my mood 🙂 As much as cooking or building things.

What brand and model of car did it cost you the most to build?

It is a very ambitious question. Not everyone let me play and experiment with their cars, much less I have the ability to assemble a whole car but let’s say I played with a Ford Escort Mk1, Toyota Corolla Diesel 2000 and Toyota Corolla 97 5ag. However, the car of my dreams is a Ford Mustang Boss 302 from 1979.

How much time do you dedicate to this hobby?

The time is dynamic, when it is necessary to do something or when it is just to relax. I would say that about 20 hours a month. Nowadays, responsibilities have increased and well, there is no longer as much time available as before.

What do you like the most when you built up a car?

The process, It passionate me the most. It’s like as a child you play with “cars”, and now, many years later, I’m still playing with them. It’s the feeling of pretending to play a mechanic that I love, building things. There is no target perse, there is no goal, it is only the time one uses; I enjoy it very much. It’s like when you love music and listen to many genres and many musical pieces, you do not have a target or a goal, you just enjoy the moment while doing it, it’s something like that.