Integrated Management System Policy

This policy covers the administration of the ISO standards regarding quality, environment and safety at work.

The company management understands the importance that the quality and security of information plays in the development and smooth functioning of its internal processes, for which reason it is committed to:

  • P1 - Focus on the management and satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients, and fulfill all relevant legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements which may apply.
  • P2 - Create multidisciplinary teams focused on common objectives which are based on the skills of effective communication, flexibility, and being results-oriented, and the values ​​of participation, passion, courage, and trust, committed to the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the IMS (Integrated Management System), and to provide the means and resources necessary to make this commitment.
  • P3 - Promote changes to processes when the objectives set by a company are modified, with the aim of improving their quality and security, which is understood to entail the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and the systems that support it, thus increasing the level of trust our clients and other stakeholders have in Santex.
  • P4 - Achieve the engagement of all collaborators through participation policies which are part of the core processes of the company, and to implement the required measures to provide training on, and ensure awareness of, the issue of information security and quality.
  • P5 - Develop solutions in an agile way, regularly monitoring results to reduce inefficiencies and obstacles, and challenge perceptions in pursuit of continuous and disruptive process improvement.
  • P6 - Create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships focused on the prosperity of all stakeholders.
  • P7 - Maintain a secure environment, aligned with Santex and its policies to protect information assets as well as the proper use of resources and risk management, in order to safeguard information and ensure business continuity.

Everything defined in this Policy will be specified and developed, through the good practices and procedures included in the Santex Information Quality and Security Management System, which will be integrated with our management tools, in favor of optimization and searching the continuous improvement in management.