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The new home of Santex, community, innovation and sustainability

We have created something that seemed impossible in the midst of a pandemic: a meeting point capable of making even the biggest “homebird” return to the office.

Welcome to our new home in Córdoba (Argentina). In pre-pandemic terms we could have said that we are moving into a new office, but we wanted to change the perspective, give another twist to the idea of the “workplace”, and take our expectations to the next level. Where to? Continue reading and discover how far our ideas have come.

Our New Home

We thought about and created the office convinced that we had to materialize what we are today as a brand, reflecting that we are a B Corporation and the commitments we have made to the community and environment.

“The plan for 2022 is to add 250 new members to our team, of which at least 125 will be in Córdoba. We want this new headquarters to become a meeting and collaboration point. We are seeking to create a space that is so warm that it feels like our most comfortable armchair, and so spectacular that it makes us enjoy having left our homes,” said Juan Santiago, our CEO & Founder.

The new headquarters were designed with state-of-the-art technology from the start: 100 percent domotized – which means sound masking, smart glass with curtains that work automatically according to the amount of sunlight, ergonomic workstations with dual monitors, touch boards, a curved modular megadimension screen, and a powerful monitor which we are the first in America to have.

But that’s not all, keep reading for more.

A new, much more B, home

“The opening of our new home is also the ideal time to officially present Technology with Purpose, the name by which our foundation will be known from now on, which we created with the conviction that technology can be key to helping address community problems. This launch is the realization of a shared dream and a lot of work,” mentioned Walter Abrigo, our Managing Director.

In addition, we will continue to care for the environment from our new headquarters. That is why we came up with and implemented a carbon-footprint-record meter for each entrance to the office. We measure the quality of the air through carbon-dioxide sensors, and we will take care of our water and electricity use. Our commitment is that each year we will donate the equivalent of what we have generated from our carbon footprint to the Banco de Bosques, with the aim of being a completely carbon-neutral company.

We have plants with automatic watering systems, and ecological furniture, such as the tables in the meeting rooms that are made exclusively from fallen trees. In our new home all the appliances are A +++ inverter, and we do not use batteries. We continue, as in our previous headquarters, separating waste and measuring our garbage.

Art to inspire ideas

Each space is adorned by works of art by renowned artists from Córdoba: Elian Chali brings color to the kitchen with his murals, Diego Arrascaeta, Mateo Arguello Pitt, Rocio Moreno, and Gaston Aliaga were in charge of intervening in different areas of the office and proposing new forms of interaction between art and everyday tasks.

Architect Betina Sliva from the studio Laprovitta was in charge of the project, together with Sofia Huespe and Belen Huespe from Métrica Home, a team specialized in interior design and decoration.

The spaces also contain unique design pieces made by local entrepreneurs such as Alles Grun, Karem Sayad and BlackOveja.

More sense of community

At Santex we live day to day in community, we create and develop bonds that go beyond work, and we begin friendships that last a lifetime. These are the things that feed and cement our organization, and the ones we missed the most during the pandemic.

To continue motorizing the meeting, the links, the recreation, and the camaraderie, we created more play areas and chill-out spaces to meet up for a good chat or Playstation competition.
In addition, we conserved and renovated our Nest Room, the space where our collaborators can bring their babies, who are cared for by childminders until they begin to walk.

We thought of this new space to overcome the “9 to 6” concept. We want to continue creating community, but above all to continue making technology with a purpose.

Are you ready to take a leap into the future?