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Technology with Purpose

We dreamt to create something unique, something that was the result of our own efforts and convictions that it was possible to do things differently, an unstoppable force let loose that belongs to nobody, and everyone at the same time.

As we write these lines, we look back and feel a tremendous sense of joy and pride, not only for where we find ourselves today as a company and as a community, but also as individuals. Every one of us should have this feeling because it’s been the collection of our individual journeys that made it possible.

Companies have a huge role in our society. Our responsibility in defining the world we want to live in is becoming paramount and we must embrace it. We have never been afraid to do so. And we will.

This is why we stand before you today satisfied with the results we have achieved since we started.

What is an action without purpose? How can we build a path if we don’t know where we are going or the impact we want to make in the world?

Long ago we learnt the need to discover uncharted territory to find our own path to bring a significant purpose to people’s lives. We are not followers, we like to lead and forge our future with the understanding that this requires a different type of effort, one that will challenge the status quo of things, and the only way to do it is helping design the future we want.

We are here to make a difference. We are here to be true to ourselves and leave the world a better place than we found it and we know technology is our driver for change. It is the road to a world of greater opportunities.

We like, impossible. We are comfortable with unconventional. We are not afraid to go after our dreams and work hard for it.

The more we think, the clearer it gets. We haven’t found our purpose, our purpose has found us. It is what defines us as a community. Technology with purpose, is who we are, and we are ready to face the challenge.

Are you?
Juanca y Walter