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Santex Values: Fostering a culture based on a common purpose

Evolving to grow is the premise of our philosophy  and for more than 20 years we have worked tirelessly to keep up with the latest technology trends.  While some may choose to see change as a “necessary evil” for growth, we believe it should be welcomed and celebrated for its transformative power and our constant need for innovation.

At Santex we are sure that having a common underlying philosophy goes far beyond a simple list of guiding principles. Our four core values– Courage, Passion, Trust and Participation– ​​are ingrained in our DNA, which allows us to build solid guidance for decision-making at all levels, maintain high rates of collaboration among collaborators, and achieve more efficient communication with our clients. These are the key principles for our great workplace culture.

But why do corporate values matter?

New data cited by BBC Worklife, indicates that employees are becoming “more ethical”. According to a recent study by California-based management consulting firm Blue Beyond Consulting, 8 out of 10 American and Canadian workers said it was important for the company’s values ​​to be consistent with their own.

This means that for new generations of professionals, corporate values ​​are not simply a list of good deeds created for business presentations. Corporate culture is what really defines the nature of the relationship between a professional and its employer and, more often than not, ends up being as relevant as salary.

Nowadays candidates are seeking workplaces where they can intertwine their beliefs with those of the company, and work together on a common vision of purpose and success.

How do we live our values ​​at Santex?

Corporate values ​​at Santex are a fundamental part of our company. Passion, courage, trust and participation are not only part of our daily decision-making process, but the actual foundation of our culture. In this context, we have taken the time to build an internal recognition system designed by Santex’s engineers to exclusively promote our culture: Values ​​App.

Values ​​​​App is a mobile application that allows our entire external and internal community to actively participate in the construction of an organizational culture based on  constant recognition and collaboration.

Through this technology, our teams can make recognition a daily habit that allows us to reinforce the practice of our four corporate values.  By simply downloading the Values App, any Santex collaborator can assign a value to their peers, bosses or members of any other team with the purpose of highlighting a positive action within the workplace.

What are the advantages of having a recognition-based culture?

The development and promotion of a system focused on recognizing our collaborators has allowed us to:

  • Retain top talent
  • Increase engagement among collaborators
  • Encourage high performance

Recognition is absolutely essential in a great workplace and at Santex we work daily to keep this philosophy present in our routine.