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Santex Academy: making an impact through education

As a certified B corporation, we have always had a strong commitment to our community and the environment. Our constant desire to improve the quality of life of those around us has pushed us to develop a special training program focused on the transforming power of education for society.

Under this premise we launched Santex Academy in 2021. The main goal of this initiative was to share our knowledge about the tech industry and offer people from vulnerable communities, especially women, the opportunity to learn new skills that would allow them to increase their employability in an effective way, in the midst of the biggest job crisis in recent years caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

But how did we achieve this ambitious goal?

  • We created an alliance with the Municipality of Jesús María in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, to connect with people from vulnerable communities who would like to participate in the training program.
  • We made an internal call addressed to Santex collaborators who wanted to voluntarily participate as mentors of the program and had expressed their desire to share their knowledge through teaching.
  • Thanks to the voluntary effort of Santex collaborators, we were able to develop a solid mentoring program divided into two parts: theory and practice. The theoretical module was focused on different programming languages: Java Script, Angular, NodeJS and IONIC. The practical module focused on learning project management.
  • Both training modules lasted two months each and had a minimum of two hours of virtual classes per week.

Channeling a common purpose

But making Santex Academy a reality isn’t just about hosting virtual classes to teach skills related to the tech industry. This project represents how we, as an organization, live our culture and learn to channel a common purpose by putting into practice the idea of ​​teaching as a way to “give back” to our society.

Santex Academy has truly taught us how giving a helping hand to others can be a life-changing experience for those who are willing to share their time and knowledge without receiving anything in return, but gratification. This is precisely what motivated our collaborators to participate as mentors.

“The gratitude of the people who participated in the Santex Academy program was what motivated me the most to offer my time as a mentor. The recognition you feel from the people you help is very important and encourages you to continue working to offer them the best of your knowledge”, said Franco Piometesi, one of Santex collaborators who volunteered as a teacher.

For his part, Lorenzo Sauchelli was another of the volunteer trainers who also told us about his experience working for Santex Academy: “It is very important for me to see what we say we do as a company in reality. Help our community and generate a positive impact it’s what really motivated me the most to participate as a trainer of the program”.

We are ready for Santex Academy 2022

Lorenzo and Franco’s experiences and the positive impact generated through Santex Academy are not over yet. We are ready for the launch of Santex Academy 2022 and we are revving up our engines to continue changing the lives of more and more people through the power of education.

Stay tuned because we have more amazing news to share soon.