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Meet our graduates: How Santex Academy changed their lives

A little over a year ago Ángel Zaragoza was touring the city of Córdoba in his car as a taxi driver. His routine was defined by long hours of work, little rest and variable income at the end of each month, but despite these circumstances his desire to change his luck was a constant thought in his mind.

It all started with Ángel’s curiosity about the software development industry that led him to enroll in a programming course and then turned into the possibility of being part of the first edition of Santex Academy 2021.

“I am 40 years old, I was one of the oldest who participated in Santex Academy. This opportunity changed everything for me, but it is something that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it”, said Ángel.

After successfully completing the first edition of Santex Academy, Ángel now works at Santex as a NodeJs developer and his days behind the wheel are behind him. “Now if I get in my car it is to go for a ride and not to work. Now I can plan my time and my life and  travel to see other places. My professional growth has no limits for me”, he pointed out.

From baking to programming

For the past 10 years, Abigail Peralta had worked in a bakery in a small town called Capilla del Monte in Cordoba, Argentina. Although she enjoyed her job as a baker, she always dreamed of having a profession that offered her better conditions and more freedom.

Her brother, who was already working as a web developer, served as a role model for Abigail and was the main motivation for her to take on new challenges and start learning. After several courses and bootcamps, the opportunity to participate in Santex Academy arose and Abigail did not hesitate to accept it.

“I love programming and had already taken several courses, but it was thanks to Santex Academy that I was able to really learn how to work as a developer in a professional environment”, said Abigail.

Now, more than a year later, Abigail’s working conditions have completely changed. After 10 years of getting up at 5:00 am and spending hours on her feet in the kitchen, she now works from her living room as a developer.

“Now I feel like I have the opportunity to be myself in this industry. It is an incredible change that I only imagined in my dreams and that exceeds all my expectations. All the hard work paid off.”

In 2022 we bet on more

The life stories of Ángel and Abigail are an example of how at Santex we work to generate a positive impact in our community. Our purpose of improving people’s quality of life through the power offered by technology is already a reality and we couldn’t feel more proud.

This year we continue to strive to transform the lives of more and more people. Santex Academy 2022 is a clear example of how we live our culture and we are not going to stop until we get more and better results.