Project Overview

The Santex-Vistage relationship kicked off more than 5 years ago when the peer-advisory platform knocked on our doors looking for a technology provider.

What started as a specific project rapidly grew into a solid partnership — today we collaborate with Vistage’s own development team to provide solutions that span across CRM technology, applications, websites, integrations and more.

Quick resource scaling in multiple technology areas

Delivering service and onsite resources

Cultural Fit and Team Retention

Scaling up Software Solutions

The relationship kicked off with a small development team, but grew rapidly as the Vistage IT Department began to request additional support across different projects and technologies. We have used a team augmentation approach that has enabled us to satisfy peaks in demand in no more than a couple of weeks while constantly increasing our pool of developers in terms of quantity, level of expertise and technology diversity. Today, we have assembled the following teams to collaborate on various projects for Vistage:

Full-stack development Mobile Salesforce Business Analysis Web QA Engineering

Delivering service on your Customer’s Premises

Providing service at your customer’s premises can be a challenging feat. It requires coordinating travel logistics while sensitively managing expectations and performance when both teams meet at the same location. In this type of situation, there can be inherent risk factors that could detract from excellence.

We understand that being a great partner means providing solutions when, where and how your customer needs it. This principal is why we relocated part of the quality assurance team from Córdoba to Vistage’s premises on a full time basis in San Diego.

Remote Strategic Leadership

Even when providing solutions remotely, we still have been able to become a key ingredient within Vistage’s development mix. Our team of developers and engineers are strategic thinkers that have been capable of leading projects and guiding other members within the core team.

Cultural Fit

Just like people, companies also have personalities. It is what it is known as business culture. Business culture plays an important role to retain people within an organization, but it is also fundamental to establishing long-term partnerships. Apart from sharing the same time zone, Santex and Vistage also share a set of organizational values that has enabled this relationship to reach new heights over the years.

Belief in Goals and Results Measured Productivity Intensive Communication & Collaboration Team Cohesion Strategic Thinkers Personal Approach ROI Driven Leadership & Passion

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With very small direction, they are going to go very far...

François Gravel, Vistage