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“We Are Honored To Have Become a B Corporation”

B corp

When we founded Santex 20 years ago, our vision was to create a software company that could set the path when it comes to innovation and help other businesses transform their vision into reality.
There are many ways of fulfilling a corporate vision, yet our path in particular, has always been rather special. Having a financially solid company with substantial growth rates has been within the core of our overall strategy, but so has our desire to improve the lives of those we work with on a regular basis.

B Corporation - Empresa B
What we do, how we do it, and the way it impacts our communities has always been part of the Santex DNA. The truth is, we never knew how far it would set us apart from other companies, as we moved forward.
Perhaps it’s the industry in which Santex operates. The thing is, we always pushed to do things differently: our people have had the possibility to work remotely since day ONE and we have always offered strong education programs and training around technical and soft skills. Many years ago, we began our tradition of holding quarterly team-building activities to ensure our corporate culture values were kept fresh, morale high and our bonds tightened. Not to forget that Santex always had a social responsibility scheme, with our continued efforts to help different organizations in every community we are part of.
All that, and much more has always been present at Santex. As a matter of fact, four years ago, we decided to change our corporate motto from “we live and breath technology” to “we seek to create Community”.
Today we go one step further: By becoming a B corporation, we are officially bonded to our values as a company and put that at the core of our business vision. We are now required to balance purpose and profit and consider the impact of Santex decisions on its people, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


Enviroment pollution

3 Facts to start caring for the environment today

Caring for the environment is one of the axes in which we work in Santex. Small daily practices can generate a huge change in the territories where we live.

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The Path to Become a Certified B Corporation

Our decision to become a B Corporation began in August 2019. We knew there were many changes to make, but we also knew that we were standing in a very good position because of our DNA as a company.
This certification highlights two aspects that we already are proud of the way we handle:



The path of Santex guided by Holacracy

In order to implement a significant change in our organization regarding our culture and values, we decided it was necessary to implement a Holacratic way of management.

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When it comes to employees, the B Lab certification prioritizes the following metrics:

  • Financial security
  • Health, wellness, and safety
  • Professional development
  • Satisfaction and commitment

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=48&v=sPvoFpm7Ef4With regards to corporate governance, the certification values the following:

  • Mission and commitment
  • Ethics and transparency

To prepare ourselves for the certification, we had to review the way we structure information, how we document and communicate, and raise awareness within the organization of the path we have chosen to follow.One of the areas where we made radical progress – and which is highlighted by the certification – is related to gender policies. The decision to make improvements around this sphere was guided by a framework that helped establish cultural transformation within our internal community.We focused on bringing real change, and today the numbers speak for themselves.

  • In 2016 only 20% of Santex management positions were held by women. Today the percentage has increased to 50%.
  • Salaries were increased until they reached equal pay for men and women who hold similar positions within our organization.
  • With the intention that mothers can have an easier transition to the workplace, being able to breastfeed, and interact with their babies in the office, we created “Santex Daycare”. Mothers and fathers can bring their newborn babies to the workplace until they reach their first year of life.



Software Gender Perspective

Organizational Policies with a Gender Perspective

Equality between men and women at work has been heavily debated in the last few decades. Today, it is believed that companies with greater gender equality tend to be more innovative and profitable.

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Team Work

Being a Certified B Corporation means that we are part of a bigger community of 3200 companies around the world. We all collectively, work to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy for our communities and the planet.A continuous improvement opportunity involves each person who is part of the Santex Community. A movement that thrives because of its individuals and strengthens relationships based on respect and encouragement, forging new paths to help us grow as a new breed in the business world.

Juan Santiago

About the Author

Juan Santiago – CEO and Co-Founder at Santex. Considered by many a serial entrepreneur. He is a technology evangelist, an investor and mentor to many entrepreneurs.