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Super Mario: All about the new Nintendo game

Super Mario Nintendo Game

Is Super Mario back? Apparently this popular video game series will be remastered and re-released for Nintendo Switch. The current availability date is estimated for November 2020 with an estimated price of $59.99, according to Reddit.
Super Mario Collection would be a compilation of four games that includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
As of now there are no official confirmations from Nintendo about the launch of the Super Mario Collection.

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Lego + Nintendo

What has been confirmed is the creation of Lego figures from Super Mario. These figures will accompany a series of expansions that were presented this week by Nintendo.
There are eight expansion sets that will be accompanied by their own pieces, characters, enemies and challenges for anyone to have fun designing at their own levels. What will not change is the main objective, which will continue to be collecting the most coins and reaching the final pennant before time runs out.
It was previously revealed that the first two expansions were going to be Super Piper of the Piranha Plant as well as the Final Battle at Bowser Castle. The additional six sets just released are: the Armored Lair, Mario and Yoshi’s House, Toad’s Treasure Hunt, Desert Pokey, Roco’s Deadly Lava, or Bill Balazos’s Avalanche.
On the other hand, there will be individual purchase options available including character packs that randomly include one of the ten enemies. Each bag will contain a surprise character to be revealed after being opened, including well known characters such as Bill Bala, a Bom-Omb, a Blooper or a Pinchón, among others.

Starter pack

To start playing it will be necessary to obtain the initial pack, so you can enjoy the characters or expansions, with the ability to combine each of the elements the way you want.
All this will come accompanied by a free application for LEGO Super Mario mobile devices that will allow a consumer to keep track of the scores, obtain instructions for assembling the figures and scenes as well as providing the ability to view other people’s ideas for inspiration.
The LEGO Super Mario catalog will be launched in specialized stores beginning August 1 and the price points will range from $4.99 USD to $99.99 USD depending on the chosen sets or packs.

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