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Slack, the King of Home Office


At Santex we use Slack as the main tool to communicate and continue working from the Home Office.
The main idea of Slack is to lower the number of emails or WhatsApp messages, so communication and workflows work through this collaborative work application.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdHWQgVbVSQ

Slack explosion

The platform finished “exploding” thanks to the arrival of the Coronavirus and the resulting increase in remote work. The company experienced a “D-Day” on March 9th when they grew exponentially and registered their highest number of connected users worldwide.
That number continued to rise and on March 10 Slack reached 10 million simultaneous users, then six days later they reached 11 million, and a week later 12 million.
Slack had more simultaneous accounts in the pandemic than in the previous six months, the growth rate accelerated and the company added 500 thousand additional users in the last two days of March.
“We did not create Slack for a global pandemic. But it is immensely applicable to what is happening in the world,” said Cal Henderson, the company’s CTO.


Home office: how to make it work

Remote work was not some boogeyman that Santex had to fight off: on the contrary, we’ve lived with it and knew how to handle it.

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Slack and it’s keys

Slack is a platform that offers chat rooms, or channels, organized by topic. For example, at Santex we have channels specifically made for team bonding including Series, Movies, Cooking, Help, Fun and Announcements,among many others. They unite us on a cultural level and it is essential to the day to day work of our teams.
Slack also has an application search engine for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. But the best of all are its integrations with other platforms to enhance work.Through the platform you can join Google Drive, Dropbox, share files or log into Twitter account lto receive notifications.

Slack Main Advantages

  • Allows the sorting of information by topics and groups

  • Has a search engine to find what is needed
  • Allows dialogue between groups
  • Includes reactions, emojis and GIFs
  • Notification schedules can be set
  • Notification schedules can be set
  • Integrated Teams video calls
  • Slack can be used for free