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Secure Facebook Messenger: What are the New Measures


When Google announced new security measures, Facebook was not far behind and made some changes to make Messenger more secure.
Now, the social media giant has introduced a function that allows fingerprint reading or facial recognition to access private messages. Only the account owner will be able to see their messages.
The function is called “App Lock” and adds an additional layer of security to private messages through the privacy settings of cell phones. The idea being that only the account holders have access to their accounts.

Facebook: Biometric Authentication

The system will be validated through biometric authentication: the reading of the fingerprint or the facial recognition, to unlock Messenger.
This new feature, App Lock, is expected to be available from Wednesday, July 22, for iPhone and iPad. It is speculated that the feature will be coming to Android in the coming months.
Facebook added a new section for managing privacy settings. With this option you can not only activate or deactivate App Lock but also manage the list of blocked contacts and other configuration options for the audience of Stories or Silenced Stories.


Gmail Verified

Security in Gmail: verified accounts have arrived

The new functionality will allow the validation of brands and companies so that there is more security when communicating via email.

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In line with making Facebook’s security more robust, they have announced that new controls are being worked on that will allow the user to determine who can send them messages or call them, as well as who goes to the requests folder and who cannot directly contact them.