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Cybersecurity: Dropbox Introduces a Password Manager


Dropbox Beta launched its own password manager called Dropbox Password. We already know of similar password managers within Apple, Google and 1Password.
Dropbox Password will be readily available with Android and can be downloaded through Google Play, Google’s operating system for downloading applications. Dropbox confirmed that the manager uses zero-knowledge encryption and the saved information is not accessible to Dropbox in any manner ensuring that your username and password are secure.

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Dropbox Password Features

Dropbox Password has similar features to other available applications, in that it offers the ability to store usernames, passwords and synchronization of information amongst devices. It also helps a user in creating strong, unique passwords as well as the ability to conveniently fill in webforms.
The Dropbox Password premium subscription starts at $11.99 which offers more robust features including two-step authentication and the ability to import passwords from other browsers.
It is now available through the Google Play Store, but 100% access is not guaranteed at the moment while it is in private beta mode and currently in continued development.
The company is expected to reveal new, updated information about the application shortly.

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