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Android 11: What Are The New Features Of The Beta Version

Android 11

Google announced that the beta version of Android 11 is now available. The latest version of the operating system for smartphones and mobile devices can be downloaded and previewed.
The final edition of Android 11  is estimated to be ready for the second half of 2020 with a tentative release date scheduled between September and October.
In February the company had already previewed some details of the upcoming Android OS. At that time, they indicated key improvements in the management of notifications as well as security and use permissions of the applications.
In addition, Android 11 will now offer improved methods of interacting with the controls of connected devices at home.

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Rundown of the anticipated features


In the new version of the operating system, notifications of chat conversations and social networks will have a specialized section. The idea is to facilitate an answer from a unified area.
In turn, the new Android 11 can give importance to each of the notices. A user can see these marked as important even when the phone is in “do not disturb” mode.

Emoji and Keyboard Functionality

Keyboards can make suggestions for texts and emojis locally as well as the addition of a convenient keyboard functionality which will automatically fill out a message or form.
Android 11 will allow a user to combine two emojis and transform them into a sticker so that people have more ways in which to express themselves.

Voice Control

This Android beta will also allow for the testing of Voice Access, a function that promises to control all the functions of the phone solely through voice commands.

Security and Privacy

The new operating system will allow increased control of security and privacy through the use of granular permissions that limit access to information about the user’s location.
In this update, there will also be single-use permissions for features such as access to the microphone, the camera, or the location provided by the GPS.
In turn, Android 11 will have the possibility of renewing the permissions in those applications that have not been used frequently, so that users have to renew the permissions to each of those functions.
The changes in the Google Play System Updates will allow for acceleration of future updates of the operating system in a secure and stable way, without heavy reliance on manufacturers.

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Android 11 at Home

Users will be able to experience greater integration with the various devices connected at home via connection with Google.
With this update, a long press on the smartphone’s power button will allow a user to activate all the controls for the lights, the temperature of the home, and the opening of doors with electronic locks.

Media Hand-Off

Google promises a smooth transition to continue playing a podcast from the phone to a Bluetooth speaker or the ability stream a video from the smartphone to the TV screen.
It is likely, as with most beta software, that new features will continue to be announced in the months ahead so stay tuned!