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Project Information Model (PIM)

What is a Project Information Model (PIM)

A Project Information Model (PIM) is a digital representation of a construction project that integrates data sources and provides a collaborative platform for project stakeholders to access and contribute information.

Within the BIM process, the project teams create their respective information models that enrich as the project phases progress, up to the delivery of the complete model to end user. The data model is referred to as the Project Information Model or PIM during the design and construction phase.

  • Integration of data sources: PIM integrates data such as BIM, GIS and project management software, into a single platform.
  • Collaborative platform: PIM provides a collaborative platform for project stakeholders to access and contribute information.
  • Digital representation: PIM creates a digital representation of the construction project, allowing for better visualization and understanding of the project.


“The Project Information Model revolutionizes how we conceive, construct and manage our built environment. By harnessing the power of integrated data and collaboration, it unlocks unprecedented efficiencies and insights, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable construction practices.” – Josefina S., Architect


What does the PIM contain?

The Project Information Model (PIM) is a component in the construction industry, as it enables efficient collaboration and data management throughout the project lifecycle. PIM contains 3D models, 4D scheduling information, 5D cost data and other project-related documentation. This integrated approach allows for better visualization, coordination and decision-making, leading to improved project outcomes and reduced risks.

  • 3D models for visualization and coordination
  • 4D scheduling information for project planning
  • 5D cost data for budgeting and cost control

Whether it’s visualizing complex designs, optimizing construction schedules or managing project costs, the PIM provides the necessary tools and data to drive successful project outcomes.


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