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What is COBie and how does it relate to BIM?

COBie or Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, is an international standard designed for the exchange of building information. Its primary application lies in the transfer of product data from construction teams to operations teams during handover.

It is an essential component of BIM that plays a crucial role in the management and coordination of project data.


The data inside a COBie spreadsheet

A COBie spreadsheet contains information about a project’s facilities, spaces, floors, systems, and installed equipment.


How is a COBie spreadsheet?

  • COBie data is defined in .CVS or .XLS files and is organized in a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets.
  • Each worksheet corresponds to a COBie table, allowing for easy organization and retrieval of information.
  • All the entries inside a COBie sheet are hyperlinked, making information access easier and more efficient.
  • Facility managers no longer have to deal with manual sheets or unorganized data, as COBie streamlines the information exchange process.


How is the COBie Data Model Structured?

COBie’s structure encompasses three main areas:

  • The Design section includes core information about components, types, spaces, zones, facilities, floors, and systems.
  • The Build section covers job, resource, and spare data, aiming to collect non-standardized information found in maintenance guidelines, operating manuals, and spare part lists.
  • The Common items section includes contacts, documents, attributes, and classification, linking information across all other lists.


The 3 main Benefits of using COBie Spreadsheets

  1. Streamlined Data Collaboration: COBie spreadsheets enable efficient data collaboration between different stakeholders involved in a project.
  2. Easy Information Access: The hyperlinked entries in a COBie sheet make it easier to access information and navigate through the data.
  3. Simplified Maintenance Lifecycle: COBie eliminates the need for facility managers to deal with piles of manual sheets or unorganized data, making the maintenance lifecycle of a facility more efficient.

When it comes to accessing information and collaborating on a project, a COBie spreadsheet is a game-changer.


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