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Laser Scanning: a Revolutionary Data Capture Technology

What Is Laser Scanning for BIM?

Laser scanning is a technology that enables the rapid and accurate data capture of existing conditions in a building or site, creating a detailed and precise 3D model. This data can be converted through a software into a BIM model and utilized for design, construction, and facility management.


Laser Scanning Attributes

Here are 5 aspects of the scan-to-BIM method:

  • Highly accurate: Laser scanning captures millions of data points per second, resulting in a highly accurate and detailed 3D model of the existing conditions.
  • Time-saving: Laser scanning eliminates the need for manual measurements and reduces the time required to capture existing conditions.
  • Cost-effective: Laser scanning reduces the need for rework and allows for better coordination and clash detection.
  • Improved collaboration: Laser scanning provides a visual representation of the existing conditions, allowing for better communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Laser scanning provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the existing conditions, enabling better decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.


“Many of us have had to survey existing construction, and it has a romantic undertone in architecture. However, we cannot deny that a technology like this simplifies our work and leads to improving the efficiency of our tasks.” – Josefina S., Architect


How Does Laser Scanning Work? 

Laser scanning provides, through cameras specifically designed for the purpose, a 2D and 3D laser map of your building. This allows you to visualize the project from every angle and make informed decisions.

The laser beams used in scanning are able to capture accurate measurements of the interior spaces. This level of precision allows it to capture even the smallest details of the building’s structure, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its layout and design.

Laser Scanning Benefits

Laser scanning offers a solution that meets the needs of modern interests in the construction industry.

  • Reduces manual labor: Saves time and resources by eliminating tedious tasks, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy in your measurements and plans.
  • Improves quality and accuracy: By capturing precise measurements and data, you can guarantee that your projects are executed with precision.
  • Measurements in hard-to-reach locations: This technology allows you to capture measurements in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access.
  • Safety: By conducting scans safely from the ground, the need for harnesses, lifts, or cranes is eliminated, ensuring the team’s safety.


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